Cultural Due Diligence and Cultural Integration


Our client, one of Australia’s leading healthcare providers is pursuing expansion through acquisition, with an aggressive acquisition growth strategy.

The Chief Executive Officer identified cultural integration as a significant issue impacting integration and inhibiting future growth.


The objectives of the project were to:

  • Review the organisations current approach to cultural due diligence.
  • Identify opportunities to strengthen the existing due diligence process.
  • Develop principles to guide cultural integration.
  • Identify key stakeholders, and focussed activities to be undertaken drive cultural integration.


The project identified 11 key dimensions to be examined during cultural due diligence, and developed a cultural due diligence tool box to support managers.

Principles were identified to guide focussed cultural integration activities during the initial impression, transition, and moving to business as usual stages.

Tools were developed that could be deployed to support managers to address cultural integration, targeted at the five key stakeholder groups identified by the project.

The approach was successfully used to identify potential areas of culture clash during due diligence of a health service, and address cultural issues during integration.

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