Organisation Restructure


Our client, a senior manager in a large government department, wanted to restructure their Division to improve workflow and communication between teams, and broaden the range of tasks undertaken by individuals to increase performance and flexibility.


The objectives of the project were to:

  • Identify options for the future structure of the Division and recommend Adapt Consulting’s preferred option.
  • Outline the roles and responsibilities for each operational unit.
  • Identify the competencies and supporting behaviours required to support the recommended structure.
  • Identify issues that the Division should consider in transitioning to the new structure.


The project identified a wide range of issues impacting upon the performance of the Division.

Design principles were identified, and these used to develop five possible options for restructuring.

The strengthens and weaknesses of each option were analysed in depth to develop Adapt Consulting's recommended option.

An important aspect of this project was the identification of the competencies and supporting behaviours required to support the new structure, and the development of an implementation plan to guide the transition.

The recommended option was successfully implemented, resulting in substantial performance improvement.

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