Business Management Review


Our client, is a leading professional services firm achieving rapid organic growth. This created difficulties, with the Chief Executive Officer and Board concerned that costs were increasing faster than revenue, and likely to lead to losses in the near future unless action was taken.


The objectives of the project were to:

  • Review the organisation structure of the central office and nine regional offices.
  • Examine the current management and administrative roles, responsibilities, and processes.
  • Identify key cost reductions, or revenue opportunities that could be implemented quickly.
  • Actively involve managers and staff in the project, to gain their commitment to implementing project recommendations.


The project achieved substantial reductions in salary costs, while improving decision making across the organisation. This was achieved by quickly restructuring the management structure, and implementing initiatives to strengthen leadership, management and business competencies, and improve the utilisation of professional and administrative staff.

A further group of recommendations aimed at improving marketing and business development activities, forming the foundation for further growth.

The process used generated a high level of commitment across the organisation to implement the recommendations, even though they resulted in some redundancies.

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