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Adapt Consulting is an innovative management consulting firm established by Dr. Chris Eckert to provide practical, implementable solutions to complex business problems. Founded in 1993, Adapt Consulting advises clients worldwide using a network of consultants with strong capabilities in strategic thinking and analysis, technical expertise, and broad business experience across a range of industry sectors.


We focus on evidence, and provide an independent view on the projects we undertake.


Due to client confidentiality we cannot disclose the detail of many of our consulting assignments but some examples include:

  • Acquisition Planning - Development of an acquisition plan for a large telecommunications company.
  • Cultural due diligence and cultural integration - Read a Case Study here.
  • Acquisition Integration - Implementation of a hospital acquisition (1,000 people) including coaching operational managers on acquisition integration and cultural change issues, development of new organisational structures, staff selection and redundancy.
  • Organisation Restructure - Organisation restructure for firms in the professional services, health and public sectors -Read a Case Study here.
  • Board Performance - Conduct of Board Review's examining the functioning of the Board in the mining sector. Read an Article here.
  • Business Growth - Development of a business growth strategy for a professional services firm. The project examined a range of options including internal development, alliances, and acquisitions.


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